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For Auckland's most reasonable garage door prices, Garage Doors Place 2017 Ltd is your first choice in garage doors for domestic use. Quality garage doors not only add fantastic convenience, they also secure your property and family against the elements and intruders.

Your automatic garage door will provide comfort in inclement weather while adding value and functionality to your home. Give the front of your home an attractive new look with a garage door from Garage Doors Place 2017 Ltd.

Residential Garage Doors

Garage Doors Place Ltd's residential service encompasses all aspects of garage door installation, repair, and maintenance.

Sectional Garage Doors

A sectional garage door is a value-packed and practical choice. Their benefits include:

  • Safety and security
  • Dust and wind resistant
  • Automatic operation

Garage Doors Place Ltd's selection of sectional doors are wide in their range of styles and colours to complement the exterior appearance of any home and will perform well over many, many years. Ask us about our range of sectional garage doors including:

  • Standard steel doors
  • Insulated flat panel
  • Cedar doors
  • Architectural design doors

Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors are a traditional New Zealand favourite! They have a timeless styling combined with strength, safety and security. Enhance your home's street appeal while enjoying the good looks that a roller garage door offers you. The stylish yet subdued, fine-line, ribbed pattern compliments virtually any house style - from contemporary to traditional - smooth-wall, weather board, brick or stone. Experience also the functional advantages, like the smooth, quiet operation and the maximum use of the space, both on your drive and inside your garage.

Tilt Garage Doors

The tilt garage door is an older style that is only generally needed in a low ceiling situation.

Custom Garage Door Solutions

Garage Doors Place Ltd's association with Custom Made Garage Doors means we can provide doors that are custom manufactured to suit any opening size. We have the answer to all your garage door requirements.

Cedar Entry Doors

Exterior timber entry doors have traditionally been associated with the stability problems of expanding in the winter and shrinking in the summer and that's not to mention warping or twisting.

Nu-style have now designed and developed an entrance door to solve these problems but still retain the authentic look and feel of timber. Made on a steel frame with a plywood skin either side and a polystyrene core, the cedar is then laminated to each side.

This method forms a super stable and robust door with good insulation and sound proofing qualities that is impervious to changing weather conditions.

Contact Garage Doors Place 2017 Ltd to help find what is the best choice for your home.

Garage Door Openers

    Powering garage doors

Garage Doors Place 2017 Ltd provides a range of garage door accessories and proven commercial openers. Ask us about:

  • Optional accessories
  • P.E. safety beams
  • Triocode™ keyring transmitters
  • Stand alone receiver
  • Triocode™ wireless digital keypad

Call us for more information about our products on 09 444 2551 or call Codi's mobile 027 777 2551.